Do Research Right

Avoid the Rabbit Hole and Do Research Right

Your organization wants to promote an event but has no idea where to begin. Or maybe your company is moving into a new market area or launching a new marketing campaign and you want to see what your competitors have been doing. It’s time…
Rebecca Epperson

When Promotions Go Un“Bear”ably Wrong

Even the best of ideas can go south sometimes. Rebecca Epperson offered her insight in a recent Money Inc blog about what to do when a promotion goes terribly wrong.
Planning your news conference from beginning to end.

Not “Fake News and White Lies” – Good PR Might Be Our Best Hope

In an era of fake news and white lies, the last thing people might think of to right the ship is good public relations. Often synonymous with “spin,” PR has gotten a bad rap. Olivia Pope’s sometimes questionable approach – and even more…
News-Driven Topics

Capitalizing on News-Driven Topics Sets You Apart

Remember Super Bowl XLVII in 2013?  Like most, you probably don’t remember the opposing teams (Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers) or any details from the game (the 49ers won by the score of 34-31). Or even the halftime performer (Beyoncé).    But…

Join Us for a Free Healthcare-Specific Webinar: Are Your Communications Integrated?

With audiences inundated with information in the news, in print and social media, it can be difficult to rise above the noise to ensure the right messages are being heard and seen. Make sure to join us as Emily Hartzog talks about the importance…
Writing standards to create style

Writing: Do It with Style

A few months back, our Office Manager Elizabeth Lazdins emailed me to say our Associated Press Stylebook online subscription was live and ready to be used. The word geek in me was tremendously excited. I quickly added the link to my website…