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Positive Phrasing – Why I Have a Big Problem with “No Problem”

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Positive phrasing is positioning a statement more positively. It means removing negative words in favor of positive ones, offering options, and emphasizing positive outcomes and consequences.

Chartwell Agency Completes Rebrand, New Website for Winnebago County Animal Services

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Chartwell Agency recently completed the rebrand and new website for Winnebago County Animal Services. Winnebago County Animal Services is a department of Winnebago County government covering more than 500 square miles and serving the more…

Graduate to Better School Marketing to Grow Your Organization’s Enrollment

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As schools focus on enrollment, here are four simple guidelines to improve your school marketing and grow your organization's enrollment.

Tell a story that’s personal

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Storytelling has been on my mind the past two weeks. That’s because my dad passed away April 25 after battling pancreatic cancer for about two years. I’m a writer by trade but nothing really prepares you for writing an obituary about…

Reinvent Your Public Relations Strategy

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With the economy beginning to show signs of a resurgence, now is the time to reinvent your credit union or community bank public relations strategy. Why now? With more than a year of navigating the unfamiliar territories of the pandemic, we…