Are Your Communications Integrated?


At  Chartwell Agency, we define a successful plan as one that employs a three-pronged approach involving a combination of earned, owned and paid opportunities. Like a three-legged stool, hitting from these three perspectives keeps your message sturdy, sound, reliable – and visible. By focusing your efforts in these three areas, you will also build awareness and shape perceptions among the target audiences you want and need to reach.  

Earned opportunities involve garnering no-cost visibility through aggressive media and public relations strategies via local and regional media and industry influencers. Since they are presented by objective third parties, earned opportunities raise the level of an organization’s credibility. Earned opportunities can significantly impact consumer awareness and perceptions and have the potential to enhance SEO (as they are evidence of credibility and relevant perspective on topics). Examples of earned opportunities include:  

  • Media stories and pitches 
  • Bylined articles and op-eds 
  • Speaking opportunities 


Owned strategies develop and leverage the content from your organization’s website, social media platforms and any other communication channels you use. All outreach, advertising, collateral, website, newsletters, social media, special events and other ‘owned’ communications also align with the message, continuously reinforce a unique point of view and effectively extend the life and reach of earned opportunities. Consider the following tactics to enhance your owned communications:  

  • Website updates 
  • Marketing collateral 
  • Social media 
  • Annual reports

Paid strategies can focus on driving volume as well as brand identity, sometimes simultaneously. In the online world, digital advertising is highly analytic and targeted, providing marketers with more concrete data to measure campaign effectiveness and adjust accordingly. Sponsorship activities also would fall into the paid category. Developing advertising campaigns in appropriate media/online outlets ensures your message, voice and visuals are strongly and consistently placed in front of targeted audiences. Examples of paid opportunities include:  

  • Print ads 
  • Digital ads 
  • Billboards 
  • Sponsorships 
  • TV commercials 
  • Radio 


By combining earned, owned and paid recommendations and opportunities, it will ensure you reach your target market efficiently and effectively. If you need help creating your integrated strategy,  Chartwell Agency  can help.