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Not an Online Brochure – Writing Website Copy That Works!

j At Chartwell Agency, we do more than design and develop beautiful websites – we also write the website copy. Why? Writing website copy is a specialized style of marketing content development that is part science, part artform. Understanding the user experience, following best practices for consistent content presentation, telling a story, and driving a […]

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Education Marketing Trends – Three Post-Pandemic Tips To Recruit and Retain the Next Gen of Incoming Classes

Education marketing is a challenge, whether it’s for a large public school district or a small private college. The pandemic changed the world, and education has felt that change acutely in both its classrooms and marketing plans. As we emerge into something that feels post-pandemic-ish, here are three education marketing trends to get your education […]

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The Difference Between Strategic Planning and Annual Planning (And Why You Need Both)

What is the difference between strategic planning and annual planning? If you’re not sure, or your organization uses one document for both, keep reading! There’s a significant difference between the goals and uses of a strategic plan, which sets your organization’s longer-term vision, and an annual plan, which charts out a path to achieving its […]

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Turn Your Camera on During Video Conferencing

Video conferencing isn’t going anywhere. In fact, in a Forbes Insights, 80 percent of executives shared that video calls were replacing audio calls as “the norm” for internal collaboration and 84 percent felt it was becoming preferred for external collaboration as well. This vlog will highlight why it’s important to turn your camera on during video calls.


And the Award Goes to … Why Industry Recognition Still Matters

It’s nice to be recognized for doing great work, especially when that recognition comes from those in your industry who understand the unique challenges you face – whether that’s increasing competition, emerging technologies, shifting customer expectations, talent shortages, or shrinking budgets. However, it often falls to the marketing department to compile and submit the nominations, […]

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Tips for Credit Union Marketers Navigating the COVID Landscape

Everyone has been touched by COVID, and (for the most part) credit unions have done a good job pivoting to make sure their members have the information and resources they need to make it through. In some respects, this has been an opportunity for credit unions to shine, demonstrating how their focus on community ties and member value set them apart when the going gets tough. However, as we begin to emerge from 2020-pocolypse, credit union marketers are shifting from what feels like survival mode to the desire to strategize, plan, and measure their programs (ah, the good ‘ole days!).