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Tips for Healthcare Marketers in 2021

Healthcare marketers today have a lot on their plates.  From updating COVID communications to promoting that new physician, and redesigning ad campaigns to managing social platforms, healthcare marketers find themselves pulled in multiple directions at once. It can be difficult to rise above the noise and do a strategic reset, reminding ourselves of some of […]

Helpful Hints for Working with an Agency

I was in a meeting with a potential new client last week when he made the comment, “I prefer not to work with a hippopotamus,” when describing his current agency relationship. Of course, when someone makes a comment describing their agency partner as a hippo, you assume there must be more to the story. He […]

Humor in Pandemic Marketing? Consumers Look for a Lighter Side

Nothing is funny about the pandemic. Numbers escalated, we stayed home. We all became employee/teacher/chef/sanitation engineers – simultaneously. Then glimmers of hope, small returns to normalcy before escalating numbers crept up again and have us planning for the “what ifs” of repeated stay-at-home orders, school closures, and additional hits to an already wounded economy. Yeah, […]

Should We Be Blogging? Yes, and Here’s Why!

At Chartwell Agency, we help clients redesign or refresh websites often. Invariably, we have the conversation about THE BLOG. “Do we really need a blog?” “If we have one, how often do we need to create new content?” “Does anyone even read blogs anymore?” These are all questions we’re regularly asked (and ones we’ve even […]

Making it Work

As of this moment, we’re living through an unprecedented economic crisis. History has no comparable lessons from which we can learn, so we’re all navigating through uncharted territory together. We’re also dealing with loss – loss of our routines, the confidence in our plans, and even a sense of predictability about the future. While these […]


Training as a Perk? Absolutely!

Today, millennials make up a larger percentage of our workforce than any other generation, so it’s no wonder that HR professionals and business leaders are interested in learning more about what makes this group of knowledge workers tick. And it may not be what you think. Let’s face it – millennials have gotten kind of […]

Perfecting Your Elevator Speech

Your elevator speech, your succinct, power-packed company description timed perfectly to share in between floors in an elevator (thus the term “elevator speech”) is probably a phrase you’re familiar with. Any time you’re asked, “So what does (YOUR ORGANIZATION) do?” you’ve delivered it, and hopefully you’ve crafted it over time. Since it’s one of the […]