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Chartwell Agency Completes New Marketing Campaign for Northern Illinois Vein Clinic/Gilvydis Vein Clinic

Chartwell Agency recently completed a new marketing campaign for Northern Illinois Vein Clinic (NIVC), based in Rockford, and Gilvydis Vein Clinic (GVC), based in Geneva and Sycamore. The clinics provide innovative, nonsurgical treatments for patients suffering from painful and unsightly leg vein issues. Care is delivered by a team of advanced professionals using state-of-the-art, minimally […]


Six Tips for a Great Retreat

Recently, Chartwell closed for the day for our quarterly retreat. We hold them regularly, each one with a particular focus. Instead of just looking at a retreat as a day off work as many people do, I always find myself mentally exhausted but invigorated at the end of the day. According to Fortune, retreats offer […]

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Chartwell Agency Wins Two of the Highest Honors in National eHealthcare Leadership Awards

Chartwell Agency, an award-winning marketing firm based in northern Illinois, recently was honored with two national awards for work on its health care clients. The eHealthcare Leadership Awards recognizes the very best websites, digital communications and business improvement initiatives of a wide range of health care organizations.   Chartwell Agency received a Platinum Award for […]

Catherine Povalitis Rejoins Chartwell Agency as Vice President

Chartwell Agency, an award-winning marketing firm based in northern Illinois, today announced that Catherine Povalitis has rejoined Chartwell Agency. Povalitis will be a Vice President at the firm. Povalitis originally joined the firm in 2015 as a Communications Strategist and since that time has emerged as a leader within the organization. She has been an […]

Chartwell Agency Manages Quad Cities Navy Week Program

Chartwell Agency, an award-winning marketing firm based in northern Illinois, managed the United States Navy Week program in the Quad Cities region. The Navy Week program is the Navy’s primary outreach effort into areas of the country without a significant Navy presence. The program is designed to help Americans in the heartland understand that their […]


Research Now to Avoid Headaches Later

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Benjamin Franklin Developing and creating a marketing campaign can be a very time-consuming and expensive process. They can be months or years in the making and can carry large budgets on the creation and execution sides. After they have launched, the last thing anyone wants […]

Value-Based Health Care Requires Value-Based Marketing

Debate rages on over whether the Affordable Care Act was the most appropriate way for America to put the brakes on rapidly increasing health care costs. Regardless of where one stands on this politically charged issue, there’s no question that President Obama’s signature legislation resulted in sweeping changes across the health care landscape. However, one […]

Employing Psychology to Build Effective Brand Identities

Harley-Davidson, Tiffany & Co., McDonald’s, Nike, Apple, Disney, Betty Crocker. What do they have in common? They are all iconic American brands that have spent decades developing and honing very specific identities which have played a big role in driving their legendary success. With a simple blue box, Tiffany & Co. exudes elegance and sophistication. […]

Customer Reviews: Making the Ask is Important

With the ability to shop around for everything from televisions to health care services, reviews are more important than ever. As technology continues to expand, access to information is literally at our fingertips. I have stood in front of an object I was going to purchase and looked at a quick scan of reviews before […]