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Proper Messaging Key for Return to In-person Patient Visits

We know COVID-19 restrictions and precautions are still in place, but most states are taking gradual steps to increase various activities that were disrupted by the pandemic. Health care providers had to put a hard stop to elective procedures in March to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Hospitals focused on treating COVID patients and emergencies, […]


Keep Evaluating the Patient Experience

Health care consumers continue to change the landscape for the medical system as we know it. We know they want more access to online options, whether that’s telehealth or online appointment scheduling. And many people still jump online to Google, Facebook, and Yelp to share their experiences,  good and bad. While not every patient interaction […]


Improving Online Health Care: Make Sure It Works

When you’re sick or you have questions about a medical issue, you want solutions and answers quickly – if not immediately. Digital technology has allowed hospitals and health systems to extend their interactions with current and prospective patients through tools such as online appointment schedulers and chatbots. They’re convenient ways to generate leads by helping […]


Learn About and Listen to Your Audience

Patience is an overlooked virtue in the world of marketing and communications. I know that’s not a popular sentiment, especially in our fast-paced, mobile-first, Google-everything world. Are you one of the people checking your smartphone an average of 52 times per day? Digital marketing understandably was front and center at two great conferences Chartwell Agency […]


Get real about your messaging

It’s time for another advertising appreciation blog, this time courtesy of Coors Light. I instantly fell in love with one of the company’s most recent commercials titled, “The Official Beer of Being Done Wearing a Bra.” The commercial features a woman returning home, presumably after a long day at work. She drops her purse, kicks […]

Don’t Shelve Your Content Strategy

You’ll often hear those of us at Chartwell Agency preaching the important role content plays in marketing and communications strategies. Really – in just a quick search of our website, you can find us blogging about it here and there and here. Good content should be the foundation of everything you do, from websites to […]

Be Mindful of Marketing with Consistency

Good content is the foundation of good marketing, whether that’s messaging for an advertising campaign or a blog for your website.  Creating content means that most of us in the industry spend a lot of time writing and editing. One of my pet peeves – and tell me if you agree – when editing content is lack of consistency.  I’ve written before about my affinity, as […]

Create Content That Matters

On Monday, my social media feeds were dominated with friends and celebrities sharing stories about the death of actor Luke Perry.   Perry, famous for playing Dylan McKay on the popular 1990s TV show “Beverly Hills, 90210,” had what was described as a “massive” stroke last week. With the heartthrob looks of James Dean and a mega star power, he was unforgettable for […]