Back-to-School Social Media Marketing Tips


Having worked with a variety of clients in the education industry, we know that back-to-school is a fun and exciting time, but also a busy and sometimes stressful time of year. From elementary school to higher education and in both public and private education sectors, back-to-school is a BIG DEAL. It’s a big deal to the organization and an extremely impressionable time for students and families. Make sure you’re making the most of your back-to-school marketing with these social media tips.

  • Tell students and families what’s new

    Summer is typically a time dedicated to school improvement and updates. If your school has undergone any remodeling, new construction, technology updates, etc. be sure to share it! Help build the anticipation and excitement about the new school year by showcasing the exciting improvement students can expect to see when they return to the hallways in August or September.

  • Introduce leadership, faculty and staff members

    Whether they’ve just joined the team or they’re seasoned veterans at your school, use social media to introduce your educators to the community via social media. Consider a short video introduction, a Q&A session or a host Facebook Live broadcast to share information about key members of your team. They might include why they chose your school, what they hope to accomplish this year, background information and more! The opportunities are endless and students will appreciate putting a name to a familiar face when school starts.

  • Highlight events

    Orientation, try-outs and move-in dates are a few examples of important back-to-school events that are perfect to share on social media. Don’t just share information about the event, be sure to share updates during and after the events, too. Remember to include photos, graphics or video in every post to drive awareness and engagement.

  • Create back-to-school stories

    Utilize “stories” on social media to showcase exciting happenings during back-to-school. Stories have become the backbone of platforms like Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat and while they have a limited shelf-life, stories have high viewership and dynamic opportunities to showcase snippets of photos, videos and text.

It’s easy to get bogged down by the important tasks associated with back-to-school. Designate an individual or group who can maintain your social media presence during this exciting time. Current and prospective students and families will appreciate and enjoy exciting social media coverage of your school’s back-to-school activities! Chartwell Agency can help with your social media content planning, development and platform management.