Blogging is Good for Business


No matter the size of your organization or the industry you represent, blogging should be on your list of marketing to dos. The goal of your blog is simple: to bring in customers and increase sales. This is done by speaking directly to your ideal customer about your products and services, providing solutions to their problems and sharing other content that is very specific to them.

Whether you’re currently blogging or not (you should be), here are some of the key benefits of a business blog:

  • Boosts Your SEO and Increases Leads. Search engine optimization should be part of your digital marketing strategy. SEO is the process of getting search engines to rank you higher in organic (unpaid) search results, helping to increase the number of qualified leads visiting your website.

By developing a blog schedule of pre-determined topics, you are helping to set yourself up for SEO success. What are some keywords or phrases your customers are using when they search online? These keywords and phrases should be located on your website, so Google, Bing and other search engines include your website in search results. Blogs are an excellent way to incorporate keywords and phrases into your website content.

  • Expands Your Credibility. Blogs should be written in a way that addresses something your customers are interested in. This provides you with an opportunity to further engage with your audience by showcasing your expertise and trustworthiness. It’s proven that blogs help build credibility – 81 percent of US consumers trust advice and information from blogs. 
  • Enhances Your Social Media Presence. Don’t let your blog sit stagnant on your website. Use Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms to reach new customers – for free. Create a simple but effective post to accompany the URL, so users are more inclined to click through to your website. You can even further your reach by boosting your posts and selecting your preferred audiences’ demographics and interests.

Another great benefit of social media is that people can share your post, which will expand your reach to an even larger audience – again, for free. Select internal team members to share company posts to help jump start the process.

  • Differentiates You from Your Competitors. A blog can open the door to help differentiate your business from its competitors. By sharing insights, trends and other unique content, you will stand out from your competitors, earn your customer’s trust and become the “go-to” source for your customer base.

Reap the benefits of a business blog. Start by developing a content calendar that includes topics, dates and the author of each blog. Begin by scheduling a couple per month and then evaluate the effectiveness (use Google Analytics to track page visits, bounce rates, etc.). If you need help with content strategy and development, contact us at Chartwell Agency. We are a content-driven organization that helps businesses meet – and exceed – their business goals.