Dress Up Your Marketing Strategy for Halloween

Well, it wouldn’t be October if I didn’t write a Halloween themed blog. I had such a sweet time writing “If Your Marketing Strategies Were Halloween Candy,” and a killer time drafting, “Is Your Marketing Plan Straight Out of a Horror…

Social Media Content Creation: Don’t Forget the Awareness Days!

There is a great value in adding Awareness Days to your social media content. Here are some strategies that you can use to make the most of them.

Turn Your Camera on During Video Conferencing

Video conferencing isn’t going anywhere. In fact, in a Forbes Insights, 80 percent of executives shared that video calls were replacing audio calls as “the norm” for internal collaboration and 84 percent felt it was becoming preferred for external collaboration as well. This vlog will highlight why it’s important to turn your camera on during video calls.

Sift Through Outdated Marketing Efforts

Chartwell Agency recently moved to a new office space (down the hall into a much sweeter suite!) and while it was a short physical move, there still was some extremely heavy work to do as we sifted through boxes of collateral, papers, tradeshow…

Social Media Snacks: Bite-Size Advice for When to Post on Facebook to Maximize Efforts

Social media is one of the most powerful and cost-efficient tools we have in our toolbox for getting our message out. You can reach people. You can communicate with them. Your brand can be shared and promoted. You can have a seat right in the…

Ask the Right Questions to Get the Best Content

Developing a content plan helps keep your organization’s communications consistent and on track when workloads increase and times get hectic. But just getting started on a blog or an article can be a hurdle to following and fulfilling that…

Financial Industry Marketing Trend: Keep it Virtual

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Forecasting financial industry marketing and public relations trends is an important component of any communications and marketing plan. Check out some of these trends to help enhance your visibility.

Chartwell Logo Design: Keep it Simple

As my teammate Jason Edlen wrote in his recent blog about logo design, a logo is just a small part of your overall brand but the impact it has on your business is huge. At Chartwell Agency we work hard to deliver our clients results that…

Stay Up to Date with Emerging Digital Marketing Trends

If only digital marketing could be as simple as collecting “likes.” Year after year, it gets more complicated and more competitive. What may have worked in the past will not always work in the future. To get the best possible results, it…

Content and Creative: Marketing’s Power Couple

When it comes to power couples, content and creative are like the Bennifer or Brangelina of the marketing and communications world. They go hand in hand, but we’re guilty of crowning content king and relegating creative to a lesser royal…