An Integrated Marketing Approach Is Much Like Your Thanksgiving Dinner Table  

An integrated marketing approach is much like your Thanksgiving dinner table, with each side dish adding to the overall experience. While we approach the holiday, many people are also trying to prioritize what needs to be accomplished by the…

Authentic Photography, for an Authentic Brand

A picture is worth a thousand words is how the phrase goes, but what if those words aren’t the ones you want people saying? Part of developing marketing for our clients is considering the best way to authentically tell their story. We…

Marketing Strategies to Curb the Candy Hangover

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Trick or treat!  It’s time again for my annual Halloween-themed blog. I have talked about how you can sweeten up your marketing strategies using popular Halloween candy as examples, how your plan can die in its tracks using horror movie analogies and how you can dress up your marketing ideas using costumes as a theme.
Online reviews showing near a phone

Embrace Online Reviews: 3 ways reviews can help grow your business

Reviews are everywhere. From online reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook to specific websites like, we rarely make purchases without some information about the brand that we’re buying from. It’s easier than ever to get information…

Recruitment Marketing – How You Can Help Fill the Talent Pipeline

Recruitment marketing is a hot topic on everyone’s mind. At the recent Illinois Society for Healthcare Marketing and PR (ISHMPR) and the Wisconsin Healthcare PR and Marketing Society (WHPRMS) annual conferences, Chartwell was able to connect…

Make Employee Engagement an Ongoing Marketing Strategy

Too often, organizations consider employee retention or employee engagement as a human resource or operations focus and assume that marketing should be focused on external audiences. If that statement seems true to you/your business, I challenge…

Insights from a Recent Website Redesign

There is more to website redesign than good looks. The construction of your website has to be innovative, be held to the latest SEO standards, with impactful messaging, and have rock-solid functionality. When designing a website, you must become…

SEO Marketing Guide

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If you’re a bank or credit union, now is the time to invest in optimizing your website through search engine optimization (SEO).

Understanding your Customers: The Never-Ending Customer Journey Part Two 

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In July, I asked you if you know who you are. An odd question, maybe, but it’s all part of the process of understanding the customer journey. In that blog, I wrote that until you understood your own organization would you be able to define…

Lights, Camera, Action: Three Elements for Marketing with Video

As we have discovered in my earlier blogs, there is no media channel more powerful than video for marketing your company or organization to your target audience. Video draws in the viewer and creates a lasting understanding and a deeper connection…