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SEO and Websites: It’s Not Rocket Science

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of those things that sounds intimidating. Like when you hear someone say, “The carbon FTL engine is offline. We need to realign the nanowave charge driver.” Your first instinct is to tuck-and-roll…

Six Telehealth Marketing Tips

Over the last year healthcare organizations have had to either fast track a telehealth strategy and implementation or enhance an existing offering to continue to offer services in a safe manner and continue to meet the needs of patients. As…

The Value of Blogs: Is Their Market Share Increasing or Decreasing?

These four great reasons demonstrate why the value of blogs continues to grow.
industry recognition

And the Award Goes to … Why Industry Recognition Still Matters

It’s nice to be recognized for doing great work, especially when that recognition comes from those in your industry who understand the unique challenges you face – whether that’s increasing competition, emerging technologies, shifting…

Polish your Marketing in Spring-Cleaning Efforts

Every year around this time in the Midwest, I’m reminded that good things come to those who wait. And I’ve been waiting (somewhat patiently) for spring. It is arriving with green buds on trees, flowers poking through a brown ground, and…

Content Tips: Check and Recheck

As I would yell questions across the newspaper newsrooms where I used to work, many a wise editor would respond with, “Look it up.” In fact, I think that phrase harkens back to school librarians who would say the same thing to us as…

Want to Earn Interest in Your Financial Marketing

To feel more confident in your financial marketing and communications today, consider strategies that will help increase interest earnings in your marketing portfolio. What does that look like?
Inclusivity in stock photos

Keep Pushing for Inclusivity in Stock Photography

I’ve recognized the lack of diversity and representation in advertising for a long time. As a person in the LGBTQ+ community, it wasn’t until recently that I began to see representation that I felt reflected who I am. When you are aware…

It’s Showtime: Short-Format Video Pointers

As video consumption increases, check out these pointers from Karli Smith to help you get started creating your own videos.

YouTube: Top 3 Reasons It Should Be Part of Your Digital Strategy

With more people consuming video than ever, now is a great time to consider adding it your marketing strategy. Find out how video marketing can increase your visibility and help your audiences find you.