Olympic Marketing Trends: Gold Medal Strategies

When it comes to Olympic marketing trends, there have been a few consistent themes that both the media coverage and advertisers have focused on: features with world famous athletes doing amazing things and telling stories of triumphs over adversity.…

The ABC’s of School Branding Efforts that Make the Grade

https://youtu.be/QnYLfCzkSK0 Public schools, private schools, community colleges, and statewide universities all have one major objective in common: attracting students and increasing enrollment. But that’s where their similarities end.…

Know Your “Secret Sauce” – Craft Brand Messaging that Sets You Apart

When people speak of their organization’s “brand,” they’re often referring to the logo or graphic identity, not the brand messaging behind it. At Chartwell Agency, we talk about “Brand” (with a capital “B”) being your organization’s…

Project Management: Following Up Means a Lot

Project management is one of those lifetime skills I’ll always need to and want to work on. When I joined the Chartwell Agency team in 2017, I was impressed by some of the processes in place for working with our clients. Those include…

Fireworks Photos: Add Authenticity to Your Holiday Social Media Posts

It’s that time of year: time to scroll through your social media feeds and see multiple threads of businesses posting stock fireworks photos from the internet. That is until now. With a little bit of planning, a camera or cell phone, a simple…

Become More Inclusive with Your Marketing Strategies

Inclusivity helps you reach your audience and stand out from your competitors. With today’s society being more diverse and interconnected, it’s more important than ever to be thoughtful about your organization’s messages, images, voices,…

The Password Is…? Managing Your Digital Tools

As an agency that develops and manages communications, we often require access to our clients various existing channels, subscriptions, accounts, etc. Common challenges we have are that these accounts were often set up some time ago, or by…
search trends on mobile phone

Search Trends and SEO: Three things COVID-19 has changed about how we search

As we begin to emerge from the global pandemic, we recognize that consumer behaviors have changed how they search online. It is no surprise that online shopping and healthcare, wellness, and news searches skyrocketed during the pandemic while…
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Positive Phrasing – Why I Have a Big Problem with “No Problem”

Positive phrasing is positioning a statement more positively. It means removing negative words in favor of positive ones, offering options, and emphasizing positive outcomes and consequences.

Graduate to Better School Marketing to Grow Your Organization’s Enrollment

As schools focus on enrollment, here are four simple guidelines to improve your school marketing and grow your organization's enrollment.