Customer Service Training Should be Your New Year’s Resolution

During some travel hiccups with our recent holidays, my family and I decided to spend a few days at a large indoor waterpark-hotel so that our 11-year-old daughter (and us, truth be told!) could enjoy a few days of fun and relaxation. The overall…

Make Employee Engagement an Ongoing Marketing Strategy

Too often, organizations consider employee retention or employee engagement as a human resource or operations focus and assume that marketing should be focused on external audiences. If that statement seems true to you/your business, I challenge…
employee recognition

Kudos – Giving Employee Recognition in a Way that Matters

Great organizational leaders do it frequently and effectively. All employees need it. Positive corporate cultures thrive on it. To what am I referring? Giving employee recognition and praise. While we know that receiving praise for a job…
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The Key to Successful Messaging: Find Your Voice

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Recently, we were sitting around the table in our conference room discussing a messaging facilitation our company led for a client. These facilitations help us formulate a message map that helps organizations successfully share their story.…

The Difference Between Strategic Planning and Annual Planning (And Why You Need Both)

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What is the difference between strategic planning and annual planning? If you’re not sure, or your organization uses one document for both, keep reading! There’s a significant difference between the goals and uses of a strategic plan, which…

Sift Through Outdated Marketing Efforts

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Chartwell Agency recently moved to a new office space (down the hall into a much sweeter suite!) and while it was a short physical move, there still was some extremely heavy work to do as we sifted through boxes of collateral, papers, tradeshow…
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Positive Phrasing – Why I Have a Big Problem with “No Problem”

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Positive phrasing is positioning a statement more positively. It means removing negative words in favor of positive ones, offering options, and emphasizing positive outcomes and consequences.

Begin with the End in Mind (or – How the Heck Do I Plan for 2021?)

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Each year around this time, individuals from all levels of an organization gather to discuss the goals and budgets for the year ahead. For many who hunkered down to do this last fall, it’s almost laughable to think how the significant…
Group doing a postmortem

The Importance of Project Postmortems

Some of our favorite Halloween movies feature zombies coming back from the dead and creepy cemetery scenes. In the spirit of the season, I want to stress how important postmortems are for your marketing projects. The goal for these autopsy…

Continue to Prioritize Relationships This Year

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Marketers, like everyone else, have seen a lot of change over the course of the last six months. While strategies, tactics, and budgets have had to be flexible, one thing should have remained at the top of the priority list – relationships. In…