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Top Reasons Your Credit Union Marketing Team Can Benefit from an Agency

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This past week, the Chartwell financial marketing team attended the 2022 Marketing Association of Credit Unions (MAC) Conference. It was an amazing experience to network with some of the best and brightest credit union marketing teams across…

Evaluate Your Content Strategy Plan This Summer

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Summer is quickly approaching, and for education marketers and communications strategists, you are probably hard at work on your recruitment and enrollment plans for the fall. That means it’s a good time to take a deep dive into your content…

Marketing Resolution for 2022: More Video, Part 2

, , , , After exploring the idea of “why video” in my first blog in this series, we are now going to dive into the types of videos can make the biggest marketing impact to get your desired results. What makes video…

Debranding (Less is More)

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Over the last several years there has been a trend in branding: Debranding! I’ve read and heard of several different definitions for it. It can be explained as a strategic and message retooling, or as a visual reworking, to appear more consumer-centric…

Content is NOT One and Done: Leveraging Marketing Content

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We all know people get their information in many ways, so when you develop a piece of content whether it’s a blog, customer story, white paper or something else, it’s important to use multiple outlets to share the information with your…

Education Marketing Trends – Three Post-Pandemic Tips To Recruit and Retain the Next Gen of Incoming Classes

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Education marketing is a challenge, whether it’s for a large public school district or a small private college. The pandemic changed the world, and education has felt that change acutely in both its classrooms and marketing plans. As we emerge…

Storytelling is Vital for Economic Development Organizations

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Economic development is the lifeblood to a region’s vitality and storytelling often gets a bad rap as “soft” marketing versus the more aggressive approach many ED organizations are known for overall. From chambers of commerce, economic…

Investing in an Industry-Focused Marketing Agency

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Audrey Moon shares her thoughts on the benefits of investing in an industry-focused marketing agency.

Want to Build Your Marketing Brand? Tell Your Story.

Every year at this time, March 20 or 21, people celebrate World Storytelling Day. The day is an opportunity to celebrate the tradition and art of verbal storytelling. From fables to fairytales, to prose to poems, stories have been passed down…
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The Key to Successful Messaging: Find Your Voice

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Recently, we were sitting around the table in our conference room discussing a messaging facilitation our company led for a client. These facilitations help us formulate a message map that helps organizations successfully share their story.…