marketing review

A Mid-year Marketing Review

The first half of 2020 has been quite the ride! Our daily habits and lives were disrupted. We experienced uncertainty, fear and (lots of) change. Despite these challenges, we learned how to be more resilient, agile and patient. What we thought…

Designing in These Times

At the beginning of March 2020, most of our clients were in full swing with their Q2 marketing programs and plans. Messaging and creative were developed and ready to rock ‘n’ roll. We were heading into the fun advertising seasons of spring…
healthcare marketing

Healthcare Marketing FAQs: COVID Edition

Our last Chartwell Agency Lunch Bites webinar focused on answering many common questions we received throughout the series, but also on questions we have heard from clients and colleagues around how to manage marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic.…
marketing takeaways

Marketing Takeaways from a Webinar Superfan

As the chat room moderator for our Lunch Bites series, I had a front-row seat for the last five weeks as we dove into dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, its effects on marketing organizations, and how we can all plan for the future. These…

Post-COVID-19 Marketing: A Paradigm Shift in Approach

With more than 40 days of stay-at-home orders under our belt for most of the country, and a majority of businesses either closed – or at the very least, doing business in a new way – clouds are beginning to shift from “how to conduct…

Chartwell Agency Completes Marketing Campaign Videos for Wyoming-Based Meridian Trust Federal Credit Union

Chartwell Agency recently completed marketing campaign videos for Meridian Trust Federal Credit Union, a credit union with 11 locations in Wyoming and Colorado. Chartwell Agency developed the “What Matters Most” video campaign sharing…
customer journey

Developing Your Customer Journey with Conversation Hearts

Popular during February, Conversation Hearts are crunchy, chalky, colorful heart-shaped candies people either love or hate. Each heart is stamped with a short, sometimes witty, message or saying that has evolved with the generations and technology…

Authenticity, Adaptability and Activism: Three Takeaways from This Year’s Super Bowl Commercials

If you step into the Chartwell office the morning following the Super Bowl, you’ll never fail to hear a discussion about the hits and misses in the highly anticipated commercials that come with the big game. At $5.6 million for a 30-second…

Important Lessons About Healthcare Marketing Learned at the Thanksgiving Table

It’s that time of year again – when families gather, dishes are passed, stories are told (or retold), and we take a moment to connect around the table with those we love. It’s also the time of year when organizations are making plans and…

Learn About and Listen to Your Audience

Patience is an overlooked virtue in the world of marketing and communications. I know that’s not a popular sentiment, especially in our fast-paced, mobile-first, Google-everything world. Are you one of the people checking your smartphone…