Don’t Forget Print!

It’s the season of events and you need a way to promote and communicate. In today’s world, we tend to create, send and manage a lot of events in the digital world. It’s easy, convenient, and seemingly cost effective. It’s great for things…
your message

Inconsistent Messaging Costs Money

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If a client asked about your message, would your CEO give a similar answer as a front-line person? Not necessarily word for word but would the gist of it be the same? Would everyone at the front desk even give a similar answer? If the answer…

Storytelling: It’s Not Just for Books Anymore

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Once upon a time . . . It was the best of times, it was the worst of times . . . Call me Ishmael. The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play. So we sat in the house. All that cold, cold, wet day. These words always introduce a…
marketing plan

Plan Your Work and Work Your [Marketing] Plan

We’ve all heard the saying “plan your work and work your plan,” and you have likely applied the principle to your personal or professional life in one way or another.  It’s a familiar phrase that many consider an important life skill.…
launching marketing campaign

Five Strategies for Launching your Marketing Campaign

A marketing campaign is a specific strategy designed to meet a specific marketing goal. In some cases, campaigns are developed for broader initiatives such as driving more sales. Sometimes they are developed for narrower purposes such as building…

Advertising Tips to Help You Hit the Ground Running

Every day I work with organizations to help reach their target audiences through a variety of marketing and public relations initiatives. From strategic planning to pitching story ideas to the media and from heading up a website…

Chartwell Agency Wins AAF Northern Illinois 2019 ADDYs Best of Show

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Firm Also Wins Six Additional Awards for Marketing Excellence  Chartwell Agency recently garnered the Best of Show at the American Advertising Federation (AAF) Northern Illinois’s 2019 American Advertising Awards, the ADDYs, for advertising…

Top Takeaways for Winning Marketing Plays

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The Super Bowl is always a hot topic here at Chartwell. Not for what did or did not happen during the game but for the commercials. We’ll save the discussion of the halftime show for another time. We all have our favorites and the ones that…

Corporate Activism in Marketing – Civic Responsibility or Big Gamble?

There’s no doubt that brands today leverage an amazing amount of power. Their willingness to spend big dollars for the opportunity to present the public with their messages means they eat up a lot of our impression bandwidth. We click on…
marketing trends 2018

Top Marketing Trends in 2018

At Chartwell Agency, we have the awesome privilege of working with some pretty amazing clients. And the clients we partnered with in 2018 are no exception. From healthcare to financial and education to professional services, we’ve been able…