Chartwell Agency recently completed its work on a brand redesign, website and brochure for Rockford Promise.

Rockford Promise is a non-profit 501(c)(3) location-based scholarship program that offers full-tuition scholarships to deserving graduates of Rockford Public School District 205. Rockford Promise believes that financial barriers are just part of the equation for many students so it supports its Scholars with robust community mentorships, strong academic advising and meaningful social connections. Modeled after Promise programs around the nation, Rockford Promise’s goal is to increase educational attainment in the community while providing a powerful economic incentive for potential residents and businesses to locate in the Rockford region.

Chartwell Agency was hired to rebrand the organization, starting with its logo and including the creation of a new website that represents the organization as impactful, vibrant, and worthy of financial support by building a user-friendly and compelling online experience. The new site highlights stories about the scholars, volunteers,events and outcomes associated with Rockford Promise and serves as a vehicle to share the organization’s impact.  The website was built with the mobile device user experience top of mind, and with allowances for continued scalability and flexibility.Additionally, Chartwell Agency designed a brochure that also shares the Rockford Promise story, vision and impact in presentations and meetings with potential donors, volunteers and advocates. The new brand identity, website and brochure are part of the organization’s commitment to becoming a fully-funded Promise program. To learn more about the amazing work of Rockford Promise and its impact on our community, visit the new dynamic website