Content Marketing: Quality Content is King

Content is King

Content marketing has become an incredibly popular and effective marketing tactic for individuals and businesses alike, across all industries. Why? Because consumers are hungry for information, and they’re turning to search engines and social media channels to learn about their interests and find quick answers their questions. When your target audience is searching for your product or expertise, it is important that you show up where and when they are searching, with the information they need.

By creating, publishing and effectively sharing meaningful content, you’ll position yourself and your business as an expert in your field. Successful content marketing builds brand awareness and trust, and ultimately drives action and/or sales.

Here’s how you can step up your content marketing efforts and get results:

Develop a strategy.  Gear your content marketing efforts toward building brand relationships, not just making a sale. Your target audience will stick with you longer if they feel close to you and a great way to build trust and rapport is through well written, useful content. Share your content through channels that will reach and engage your target audience, not just those channels that YOU prefer. Create a blog on your website, develop an e-newsletter and share valuable information with your social networks.

Make it easy to read.  As an expert, you likely have tons of knowledge about your company, brand or products. However, be sure that your writing reflects your audience, NOT yourself. Content that is too technical, or too vague, will turn readers away. Focus on solving a problem, not gloating about your knowledge. What does your current or potential customer care about? Develop your content around those topics.

Proof read your writing.  Do you want consumers to take you seriously? Make sure your content is error-free and accurate. Like a stubborn stain on your shirt, readers will instantly turn their attention to your typo, often leaving opportunity on the table. Always proof your own writing, and whenever possible, have another person review your work as well.

Provide relevant inbound and outbound links.  Search engines like Google reward high engagement. This includes the amount of time spent on a page, and the number of clicks your content receives. By including inbound links, links to additional content on your website, and outbound links, links from your website that lead users to another site, you’ll drive engagement and improve your content’s click through rate (CTR), a critical component of SEO.

Developing quality content is the key to successful content marketing and will ultimately enhance your brand and drive results. Consumers are seeking valuable content more than ever, and they’re doing it on the web. Let  Chartwell Agency  be your guide in developing a thoughtful strategy, meaningful content and an effective plan for sharing your message.