It’s time to start looking to the future – and 2021 is poised to bring inspired design.

Led by our aspirations, wishes and passions, design takes its cue from society. It’s emotional and fluid. For 2021, we predict that emerging design trends will be a nod to the cultural shifts that have taken over our world.

It’s crucial to adapt your design to reflect the times. Feeling the pulse of today’s design trends is a big part of sending an effective message to your clients. Here are a few trends we expect to take hold in 2021:

  • Minimalism. Chaos calls for simplicity. Coming out of a year of uncertainty, we will see clean lines and simple images making their mark. Particularly with digital devices, real estate is limited so key content needs to be central and clear.
  • Strong typography. Strong visual statements create focus, so using dynamic and interesting typography will hook your audience and draw them in for more.
  • Nature. Quarantine sent many people back into nature. We are creatively influenced by the images we surround ourselves with so reconnecting with nature is a design theme that will inevitably emerge.
  • Illustration. Photography has been the key pictorial element for a long stretch, and we are due for a change. Illustration has the ability to feel comforting and genuine, softening the edge of reality. It has the added benefit of composing exactly the right scenario – one you might not be able to achieve with photography.
  • Color. The use of color evokes a mood right from the get-go. We could all use a little color in our lives these days. Muted, softer palettes always are a traditional go-to, but I predict we will see bolder color choices and a greater use of contrast. That infusion of color will create the energy everyone is longing for overall.

Here at Chartwell, we believe it’s our job to not only stay on top of current marketing trends, but also anticipate new ones. Even so, trends aren’t written in stone. We always start with a specialized approach with our clients, then see where current trends can play a part as a way to attract business. Our ultimate goal is always to design the best possible product for our clients.

For examples or inspiration, take a closer look at the range of marketing work we’ve produced.