Developing Your Customer Journey with Conversation Hearts

customer journey

Popular during February, Conversation Hearts are crunchy, chalky, colorful heart-shaped candies people either love or hate. Each heart is stamped with a short, sometimes witty, message or saying that has evolved with the generations and technology – from “Be Mine” to “Text Me.”

With the candies making a big comeback this year, the messages on the treats also make for another great candy analogy. As a follow up from my blog in October, If Marketing Strategies Were Halloween Candy, I am sharing an example of how the phrases on Conversation Hearts can correspond in a communication journey with your customers or clients.


The first engagement you have with a potential customer varies greatly depending on your audience, industry and what specific marketing tactics you are using. Your plan should be integrated, so you can capture the attention of your customers from multiple channels ranging from billboards to digital ads and direct mail to television. Either way, your first move in Conversation Hearts terms should be a simple “hi.” Let prospects know you are there and what you have to offer.

Puppy Love

Your potential customer now has a specific need and has received or seen multiple impressions from you. They decide to do a little more research and visit your website. After all, you made the first move and said “hi.” They are now being retargeted with your company’s ad. They are starting to gain interest in your product or service and are thinking they just might be interested in you, but it’s still early, puppy love really.

Let’s Chat

You have captured the attention of your customer. They continue to visit your website and are reading customer testimonials or reviews on your product or service. You notice this and decide to make a move. Your website is equipped with a chat feature making it easy for them to ask specific questions or gather more information about your product or service. Because of the chat feature, you were able to share information in real time, creating a great experience for the potential customer that was checking you out.

Be Mine

You are offering great customer service by making it easy for your prospect to find information. Because they had a great experience and have been able to easily access the information they need to make a decision, they decide to make the purchase or schedule the appointment. They have officially selected you. You beat out your competitors and became their choice.

I Love You

Your new customer loved your product or service after trying it for the first time. You know that providing the best is just the beginning. Like a relationship, you must keep the communication regular and anticipate their needs to retain the customer and that includes sharing how much you value them. As you can see, it took a lot of steps (or Conversation Hearts) to get here.

Soul Mate

Your organization recognizes the importance of customer retention and for that reason, you have created a communication strategy to ensure they remain satisfied. Lifelong customers become referral sources and are a great part of your overall marketing strategy. If your organization needs help creating a marketing and communications plan, check out Chartwell Agency’s marketing services. Happy Valentine’s Day!