The Disappearance of Color (or the gray takeover)

Disappearance Of Color

I recently came across a TikTok that presented an analysis of the gradual disappearance of color over the last 200 or so years. The study used computer vision to analyze the color of 7,000 photographs from various museums, across 21 categories. It concluded, that in this period, there really does seem to be a “decolorization” of our world, with grays becoming the dominant colors.

I LOVE COLOR… or so I thought. This analysis made me think about my own approach to color in both my personal and professional habits. I was a little surprised when I stepped back and examined my current personal design state. I realized I had neutralized my surroundings. I was part of “The Graying”. That realization immediately conjured up the image from an 80s commercial that depicted a bland colorless world. (When I looked it up on YouTube, I was even more surprised that it was for Wendy’s. That part had eluded me completely.) Why had I abandoned color? Once upon a time, I had an orange foyer, and a mango-colored living room.

This article takes a deep dive into the factors that have brought us to the study’s conclusion. As well as some contrasting data. But, in essence I think it boils down to safety. There is an inherent risk at being bold and colorful. I also think design trends only make certain things accessible to us. A lot of choices are often dictated to us as consumers.

After examining my personal aesthetic, it was time to look at my professional approach. I’m happy to say that it is a far more colorful place. It lives up to my philosophy on color and the importance of its use. There is much more reward than risk. Color helps our clients stand out. Grabs viewers’ attention. Creates an energy and personality that can separate them from the noise. It makes them recognizable. It’s a supremely powerful tool! Even more so now, as a way to stand out from the sea of gray.

At Chartwell we like to guide our clients to being their true individual selves and develop the best solutions for them to stand out and be seen. Now is a perfect opportunity. Let us help you add some color to your marketing.