Your website is one of your hardest working customer service representatives. Available 24/7/365, it’s always ready to connect with your customers.

When was the last time you gave your digital employee a performance review? Just like any member of your organization, websites also continue to evolve and grow. Its role in your company may have changed since implementation, and its goals may need to be realigned. With changes in technology, consumer behavior and search engine updates, your website needs regular performance reviews to ensure it’s providing the best possible customer service – and providing ROI for your organization

Here are a few performance review questions to ask so you can determine how well your website is performing:

What are its strengths and weaknesses?

When a customer arrives at your website, what is their experience? Are they able to find what they are looking for with relative ease? You may know how to find everything, but does the same apply to first-time visitors? Recently at the office, our team was discussing a website design project. As we looked at the original version of the website before our redesign, the immediate reaction was dismay. It was nearly impossible to navigate and find information that customers would need.

During the performance review, take some time to look at your website from an outsider’s perspective or enlist someone to do it and gather their feedback. Is information easy to find? Does your website represent who you are as an organization? Is it mobile-friendly? Does it load fast enough? Is your website meeting the current needs of your customers?

What are some areas where it could improve?

If your website doesn’t need to be fired, where could it be improved? Are your visual assets current? What about your content? Are you ensuring information is regularly updated and posted? If you have a blog section, when was the last time one was posted? Keeping your content fresh not only gives your customers a reason to return to your website, but also increases your overall ranking in search engines.

Is your website a team player?

It doesn’t matter how great the content is on your website if no one knows it’s there. If you post testimonials, blogs, white papers and other content on your website, develop strategies to share that information on other channels, like social media pages and newsletters. All your digital platforms should be working in tandem to get your brand in front of your audiences.   

What is the goal of your website?

Technology is fast paced, so think about the goal of your website for the next year or two. What does that look like? Whether it is simply to share who you are/enhance brand awareness or to help patients book appointments, every website should have a clear vision and purpose. This will help determine where your time, energy and budget should be spent, what changes should be made and if it’s time to consider a full website redesign.

Your website should never be left to stagnate. Performance reviews are a great way to ensure your customers receive the best possible service, and in turn, give them more reason to take that final step to working with you. If your website fails its performance review, needs more training or inspiration to better meet the needs of your customer, contact Chartwell. We can help develop a more effective website that provides excellent customer service and enhanced ROI.