Don’t Forget Print!


It’s the season of events and you need a way to promote and communicate. In today’s world, we tend to create, send and manage a lot of events in the digital world. It’s easy, convenient, and seemingly cost effective. It’s great for things that require instant action. It also could sacrifice creating a memorable connection.

That’s where print can differ – print creates memories!

I don’t know about you, but I save stuff (maybe too much stuff). I have a folder in my filing cabinet for nearly every friend and family member. In those folders are print memories from or about that person. Cards, invitations, programs, pictures, drawings (my niece loves to draw, and we are always something fabulous in her creations). The folders are a practice that I inherited from my Grandmother and I have been doing them for as long as I can remember. Every so often I sit and peruse the print in these folders and reminisce about the person or past events. I laugh, I cry… it’s better than Cats! I don’t know that I’ve ever gone back to a Facebook event page and done that..

When my Grandmother was downsizing, she gifted each person with these folders she had collected over our lifetime. It was wonderful to reconnect with these events and experiences through these paper memories. Many things I had completely forgotten about. Little things, big things. I had a real sense of how this person was connected to my life and I could hold those connections’ in my hands.

That is my personal experience with how powerful print is, but that same personal experience can be present in your customer communications too. Wouldn’t it be great if your printed communication got held onto, pinned to a board or, posted on a refrigerator, to hopefully one day be put in a folder as a reminder of something special?

 Reasons to Choose Print

Tangible – You get that first impression by holding something. The weight and the texture in your hands gives it a sense of value. Plus, there are so many unique things you can do to create a truly memorable piece, using inks, paper and finishing techniques. A little gloss here. A little sparkle there.

Memorable – That beautiful print piece is going to stick in people’s minds. They’re going to display it in a place they can experience it over and over again. It now has a personal connection with the recipient.

Keepsake – That tangible, memorable piece of print has now been emotionally connected to that person and event. It has become precious reminder and something to cherish and hold onto.

As you can probably tell, I LOVE PRINT. I think most people do. I love the look on someone’s face when they get a printed invitation or letter.

Here at Chartwell we don’t forget about the print. We will help you determine the right mix of print and digital that will assure you are capturing your audience’s attention. Connecting and creating memories, that will hopefully last for a lifetime.