owned media

While media relations plays an important role in a well-rounded public relations strategy, consider adding additional communications strategies to your toolbox, including owned media.  

A successful communications strategy employs earned (media relations), paid (advertising) and owned (content) opportunities. With consumers hungry for valuable online content, now is the time to take charge and really “own” your owned media strategy. Owned media is targeted, cost effective, and allows you to control your message.  

Here’s how you can leverage and share your content above and beyond earned and paid communications channels: 


Developing content that answers a question, solves a problem or brings valuable insight to a reader is one of the most powerful ways you can gain exposure and garner trust from your target audience. Consider taking a team-approach to developing blog posts. Encourage members at all levels of your organization to develop content.  Make your blog easily accessible on the home page of your website and share via social media and e-mail and encourage your contacts and networks to share with their audiences.  

Case Studies/Profiles 

You’re producing positive outcomes and results for your clients, customers or patients every day – are you sharing those outcomes with a broader, public audience? Consider developing case studies for your successful projects or profiles of your clients or patients. It’s a great way to really celebrate your wins and highlight your successes. It also provides real-life insight to the high level of service and quality of care your organization provides. These should be posted on your website, shared on social media, via email and printed as marketing collateral. 

Social Media

 Content posted on social media is owned media – you control the message – but it leads to the potential for earned media opportunities through comments, shares and retweets. Social media is great for enhancing brand awareness, establishing voice and sharing content like blogs, case studies, profiles and articles. 

The best part about owned media is its longevity. Content lasts forever! Sure, it may need to be updated and tweaked, but thoughtful, relevant content brings value over the course of weeks, months or even years. Content development is a great way to capture the thought leadership and knowledge of your most valuable assets – your people and the people they serve. At Chartwell, we’re helping our clients develop content, profile patients and doctors, share student success stories, write case studies and so much more! We’d love to help you develop a content strategy and bring it to life.