Community banks and credit unions are facing market disruptions. Customer experiences, their habits and daily life have changed.

Have you adjusted your financial marketing strategy accordingly?

Here are some signs that your approach may not be yielding big dividends:

  • You’re losing out on core deposits
  • Google is directing current and potential customers to your competitors’ services
  • Staff might not be cross- or upselling your products and services to better serve consumers
  • Your members or customers are not referring new business your way
  • Your new member or customer onboarding is often seen as a barrier to entry
  • You have not evolved your service strategies to better serve members or customers

If you checked one or more of these boxes, connect with us. Chartwell Agency can revitalize your marketing, public relations, social media and training results to help better service current members and customers and recruit new ones. From promoting digital account-opening capabilities and marketing new service offerings to onboarding customers and generating loans, we can help reimagine your banking marketing strategy.

Bank on Chartwell to get you there!

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