Gone are the days of jam-packed drive-thru teller lanes on Fridays and the buttoned-up banker behind his desk. Today’s customers expect personalized service and convenience, so your marketing has to convey both in how – and where – it is delivered.

Here are some signs that your approach may not be yielding big dividends:

  • You’re not depositing new, fresh ideas into your marketing plan
  • Customers aren’t looking to you to lend a hand for all their needs
  • There’s a remaining balance of prospects in your market
  • Social media and digital engagement isn’t earning you credit
  • Community outreach isn’t enhancing interest

If you checked one or more, connect with us. Chartwell Agency can revitalize your marketing, public relations, social media and training results. Click below to learn more about our programs tailored for financial institutions – from attracting millennials and enticing new movers to onboarding customers and generating loans.

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