Give Your Organic PR Distribution a Boost!


At Chartwell Agency, we understand a thing or two about public relations, or “earned” media. Over the years, we’ve achieved PR results for our clients in leading local, regional, national and industry media outlets, using our winning combination of experience, creativity and connections. That’s the power and benefit of working with an agency.

We also understand that times are a changing, and therefore, so must our strategy. A PR “win” is no longer defined by a special feature in an authoritative print publication. Don’t get me wrong, those are still some of the best wins! But, in today’s digital landscape, it’s easier for PR results to get lost in the shuffle. Organizations must do more than rely on organic audiences to help spread the word.

Whether you work with an outside public relations and marketing team, or have an internal team of experts, here’s what you can start doing TODAY to boost your PR distribution and reach the audiences that matter most.

Follow up and follow through

Distributing your organization’s news story to a targeted media list is just the first step in securing coverage and achieving success. However, many “wins” are earned through personal and respectful follow-up. Each day, editors receive dozens of emails and phone calls regarding breaking news and story ideas. Keep this in mind if you don’t hear back from the media immediately.

Consider following up an email with a phone call and voicemail. Let your contact know when and how you plan to follow-up and be sure to follow through on that promise.

Develop an internal and external e-newsletter

As I mentioned earlier, organizations must do more than rely on media outlets and organic audiences to help distribute their PR message. Treat your public relations “wins” like branded content and leverage your internal team and external network as brand ambassadors to share the news.

There are many benefits to distributing your PR message internally. First and foremost, people take pride in working for a successful organization.  Positive news inherently boosts morale and builds comradery. Second, your associates are likely among those most connected to your target audiences a.k.a. those who you’d most like to reach with your message. By developing an internal newsletter with your organization’s recent wins, you can be sure your associates are in the loop. It is also a great opportunity to encourage them to share your PR message with their personal and professional networks.

An external e-newsletter is also a great way to give your PR distribution a solid boost. You likely have a strong foundation of contacts with whom you could be (or already are) connecting with on a regular basis, in the form of an e-newsletter. Don’t limit your newsletters to product information or promotions. Use an external e-newsletter to share your PR message with clients, business partners and community networks.

Utilize social media

Do not underestimate the power of social media, especially Facebook and LinkedIn, for PR distribution. If you have received online media coverage, be sure to share on your social networks and encourage your followers to help spread the word! Share a thoughtful post and engaging graphic when posting news items to your social networks. For best results, consider a paid campaign, targeting your key audiences. Successful social media posts and campaigns will improve website traffic and search engine optimization.

In today’s digital world, organizations must do more than rely on organic audiences to help spread the word. Activate your own networks to give your organic PR distribution a boost. If you’re looking for an agency partner, or could use help setting your internal newsletter, external newsletter, or social media platforms into motion, let us be your guide!