Horror movies: some love them, others can’t get through one without covering their eyes. Either way, I think we can all agree that none of us can get through one without yelling or throwing the remote at the TV. Oftentimes, we are left scratching our heads by characters’ actions, as humorously illustrated in this Geico horror movie tropes commercial that’s back on the air.

With the popularity of my Halloween candy blog last year, I decided October just wouldn’t be the same without using another analogy to get a point across. Below, find a list of ways to not fall into the horror movie trap and make a terrible decision when it comes to your marketing strategy.

Not checking the back seat of your car

I am not sure how a bad guy can go from 10 steps behind you to the back seat of the car before you even get there, but it doesn’t matter. If you don’t look back at what worked well and what didn’t for the past year’s strategies, you are going to end up in trouble. Always host a postmortem or debrief of the past year before thinking about what’s next, whether you are developing a one, three- or five-year plan.

Not sticking together

In order to develop a solid marketing plan, you need to involve the key stakeholders at your organization and get buy-in for your strategy. Meet with your leadership team each year to ensure you have a deep understanding of the goals ahead. Like in a horror movie, when you don’t work (or stick) together, it usually doesn’t end well.

Walk into a dark room and say “hello”

It’s important to know what you are walking in to when it comes to budget. In addition to dollars, consider time and resources and what all you will need to execute your plan. Don’t get yourself into a situation where you are halfway through your budget in the first quarter of the year or don’t have the manpower to implement your plan.

Forgetting how to run

As you continue to implement your tactics, don’t forget about your goals and objectives. Stay on your feet and analyze how you are doing. Don’t get sidetracked and pulled into other strategies that are not aligned with your goals or budget. If you steer off course, you will end up flat on your face.

Thinking the bad guy is dead

Like many classic horror movies, the end is usually just the beginning. You may have “killed it” with your marketing plan but use that as a guide for years to come. What can you do better or how can you enhance your plan? If you had a stellar year, why not make a sequel?

Working together, staying focused and keeping on track are essential to any marketing campaign. If your marketing plan has lost its footing and is rolling down a wooded hill, give Chartwell a call and we will get you back on your feet to safety again.