It’s Showtime: Short-Format Video Pointers

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As my colleagues Melissa and Jason mentioned in a recent vlog, the time is now to explore short-form video content for your organization if you have not done so already. Video creates a more personal and emotional connection than written content and there is data to back it up. Video generates 1,200% more shares on social media than both images and text and more than 50% of consumers want to see videos from their favorite brands.

If lack of knowledge or expertise is prohibiting you from trying this strategy, the only thing that will help you learn and boost your confidence is jumping in and trying it. In this blog, I will share tips you should consider when incorporating vlogs or short videos into your marketing strategy.  

Identify your audience and goal

First things first. Like any other marketing strategy, you must identify your audience and what you are trying to accomplish. Are you speaking to customers or is this a thought leadership piece for industry leaders? Is this a company message or statement, analysis on a particular topic, or are you sharing customer testimonials? Ask yourself these types of questions as you begin to plan your piece. This will help you determine your message and the language you should use. It will also help you down the road when you are ready to promote your content.

Determine your software/hardware

There are several ways you can film your video without investing in expensive equipment. Both Zoom and Microsoft Teams provide the capability for video and they make it easy to record and download. These are great options if you are recording the video on your own. Another great option is in your pocket – your smartphone. Most phones take great quality video, and you can purchase a tripod to support your phone if you decide to use this option.

Develop a script and practice

Once you have decided on your topic, it’s important to either develop bullet points or a script. Do not attempt to begin recording a video and think you can just “wing it” as you will forget key points and it can potentially make for an editing nightmare later in the process. Ensure your audience knows what your piece is about by having a strong opening and closing statement with key points in between. If you don’t capture your audience in the first few seconds, the chances are higher that you will lose them. After writing down your thoughts and key objectives, practice several times so you can add or delete points and determine the best flow of your content.

Think through the logistics

Logistics are very important when it comes to video. Determine a location at your home or office with optimal lighting and with natural lighting being the best. Avoid a window behind you or being visible in the frame. It’s better to face the light source. If you feel like you need extra lighting, ring lights can be attached to your computer or a tripod and are relatively cheap. In addition, ensure you are in a quiet space where you won’t have to worry about interruptions from co-workers, family, or pets.  Find or create a background that is interesting, but not distracting.

Be yourself and have fun

Let your personality shine through. If that means being witty or making a joke, then do that if it works with your message. If that means using your hands to articulate a point, then do that as well. Chartwell Agency’s theme for video is “progress, not perfection.” If you are striving for an A+ performance with no mistakes or “umms” or birds chirping in the background, you may be disappointed. The key is to get your message or story across and connect with your audience in a personal and engaging way. If you are ready to take the next step and incorporate video into your overall plan, the tips above will help you get started. If you need support, let Chartwell Agency guide you through the process.