Well, we did it! We attended the MAC (Marketing Association for Credit Unions) 2018 Conference for the first time, representing Chartwell Agency. Fellow Chartwellian Emily Hartzog and I flew to San Diego, stayed in the Gaslamp District and wo–manned the Chartwell booth as sponsors of the conference. The opportunity itself was incredible, and the knowledge I gained as a result of listening to the keynote speakers was relevant and insightful. However, the relationships I formed with other MAC members are definitely my main takeaways. As Director of Business Development, forging relationships built on face-to-face interaction and the sincere drive to help is a priority for me. In fact, I consider it to be my “north star.” Standing alongside Emily and talking shop with MAC professionals was an honor.

It was rewarding in the fact that what I heard was a need for marketing that is centered around authenticity and that it needs to be structured towards building a sincere human connection.  That’s what Chartwell Agency is all about – we’ve built our reputation on helping clients leverage an authentic voice in communications.  Another key message that resonated was the desire to make a change in the way credit unions market themselves.  We’re past the times where marketing the “best rate in town,” and “we’ll put the first $5 in your checking account”, is enough to impact campaign outcomes.  Credit union members want authentic communication, viable resources to meet their banking needs and educational content that has real-world application. And they want it served up via human interactions.  Passion creates the drive and motivation to want to succeed in helping make a difference in someone’s life.  Chartwell’s passion is in creating solutions to the marketing and communication issues our clients are faced with.  Every client is unique and our approach is always customized.

Don’t get me wrong, there are certainly “standards” in the Credit Union community – loan growth, onboarding platforms, automated marketing programs – and these need to happen daily, at lightning speed – and run like well-oiled machines to allow portfolio growth and to retain membership.  While we get that, we know that no two markets, credit unions or business plans are alike. I found myself to be completely in my element, talking to people that I love about solutions that not only meet, but exceed their expectations and needs.

As marketers, we all know that there are never enough hours in a day and that it takes a village.  Timing will always be pivotal, and I always ask my clients to tell me what keeps them up at night. My favorite question is, “What are your organizational pain points? What would have the greatest impact if you could get it 100% right?”  Regardless of timing, there’s always something that can be improved upon – something to be created, cultivated or fixed.  That’s where relationship building enters the picture.  If we put our heads together, join forces and create solutions that help members achieve their goals then we’ve made the relationship valuable.

The energy and enthusiasm from attending MAC will fuel me for months to come!  A previous blog entry of mine (my first as a Chartwellian), centered around the fact that joining associations will allow you to leverage your professional networking reach and scope.  I can confirm that joining the MAC Association has done just that for me and for Chartwell Agency. I can also confirm that the personal growth I experienced as a result of the wonderful people I met and spoke with, reinforced my drive to help and that my compass is pointed north.

I thought I would end by providing you with information on the MAC Association – I hope you find it helpful and I know that if you reach out to MAC, you will be well taken care of! 


MAC, which stands for Marketing Association of Credit Unions, originated more than 30 years ago because of the need and desire to help professional marketers learn, grow and achieve success within the credit union landscape. Earlier this year, Chartwell joined MAC as a member, connecting with this elite group of professionals who care about, learn from and have a pretty darn good time with one another. Check out some of the perks afforded when you join MAC:

  • A network directory of other credit union marketing professionals.
  • Access to webinars hosted by the organization.
  • Educational collateral centered around the financial space.
  • Member only discounts towards events and more.

Visit macnetwork.org/benefits-of-membership for a complete listing of MAC membership perks, as well as the opportunity to join.