marketing trends 2018

At Chartwell Agency, we have the awesome privilege of working with some pretty amazing clients. And the clients we partnered with in 2018 are no exception. From healthcare to financial and education to professional services, we’ve been able to help our clients in these various industries shine brighter in 2018.

Despite the marketing landscape seeming to evolve non-stop, we have experienced some consistency in marketing trends this past year. Here is Chartwell’s own countdown to the top marketing trends of 2018:

#5: Enhanced Photography

In 2018, we saw our clients shift away from standard headshots and team photos and turn to more stylized, authentic photography. The results provided clients with an opportunity to better showcase personality and approachability – to better connect with their ideal customers.

#4: SEO-Friendly Content

With Google being the #1 search engine, it comes as no surprise why search engine optimization (SEO) – improving the way content is ranked on your website by search engines – made the #4 spot. It’s a no-brainer that for you to be found online your website must include keywords that customers – not you – would use to search for your services/products. For example, for legal representation, more individuals search for lawyers rather than attorneys. As a result, we consistency developed new SEO-enhanced blogs, press releases, articles and general website content for our clients to help them show up higher in Google’s organic search results.

#3: Newsletters

Fresh content delivered directly to your customer’s – or potential customer’s – inbox is a great way to share your message and drive new business. We saw an increase in demand from our clients for monthly or quarterly e-mail marketing campaigns. By targeting individuals with specific demographics and providing direct calls to action, we saw an increase in open rates and click-through rates, almost always above industry standards.

#2: Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is online advertising through search engines, websites, social media and more. It is a great way to target specific demographics and allows organizations to analyze their online marketing campaigns and understand what is working and what is not. Campaigns also can be updated almost instantaneously, to drive the best possible results. For example, we helped our client, Wesley Willows, implement a highly-targeted digital advertising campaign. Results from the 2018 campaign helped to double their website traffic from the prior year and the Facebook advertising earned a click-through rate double the industry average.

Because of trackability and direct calls to action being – literally – one click away, more of our clients invested in digital marketing efforts in 2018

#1: Integrated Campaigns

Gone are the days of placing a few print ads in your local paper to generate new business. To be more effective in today’s marketing landscape, it’s necessary to develop an integrated marketing campaign so you are seen – and heard – on various platforms. We saw more of our clients implementing integrated campaigns to reach more customers. For example, we provided our client, Northern Illinois Vein Clinic and Gilvydis Vein Clinic, with a more customized and strategic approach to connecting with the local marketplace via an integrated marketing plan that included digital, TV, radio and print. Patient referral data indicates that patients are hearing of our client via all these marketing avenues, and based on this success, we will continue an integrated marketing campaign into the New Year.

 Whether you’re looking for SEO-enhanced content, updated photography, a new website, a complete brand refresh or a fully integrated marketing strategy, let Chartwell Agency be your guide in 2019.