Social Media Snack: Optimize Your Organic Reach with these Facebook Tips

The Chartwell team is back for another Social Media Snack, where we offer bite-size tips to help you maximize your social media presence.

Social media best practices, like posting on the right day and time, should be part of your social media discipline. These are things that you should be practicing daily to reach your key audiences. But what happens when you need a little more help reaching those people?

Good news is there is always more you can be doing to improve your organic reach.
In our last Social Media Snack, we shared one easy way to maximize the reach of your Facebook posts. We encouraged you to dive into your Facebook Insights to get to know your audience better. Through our advice, you should be able to see what times your audience is on Facebook, and hopefully you’ve adjusted the timing of your posts to meet them.

This is an example of optimizing organic reach, or strategically posting without paying to show up on Facebook feeds. While keeping Facebook’s ever-changing algorithm in mind, here are some snack-sized ideas to ensure you’re optimizing that organic reach:  

  • Be human. Be conversational, engage your followers and ask questions, and make sure you’re responding in a timely manner. Not only does this help show the personality of your brand, but authenticity will garner attention from followers.
  • Diversify content. Right now, Facebook loves videos and will prioritize them in news feeds. However, it’s really important to share various types of media. Post photos, graphics, links, paragraphs, and shorter snippets.
  • Post manually when you can – automate when appropriate. You’re not a robot, and neither is your brand. You’re more likely to find success if you’re manually posting to Facebook and Instagram. You can create a content calendar and carve out time each day to distribute those posts (during peak hours for your audience, of course!). In many cases, scheduling posts works best for your overall workflow. And that’s OK! Make sure you’re using other best practices to get the most out of your post.

What happens when you’re doing all of these things, but there’s that one message – that one post – that just needs a little help getting more clicks to your website? That’s when we recommend a Facebook boost.

You have several options and all of them are flexible based on your skills and budget. We’ll have much more on this topic next week in another Social Media Snack.

Until then, consider if you need help developing and implementing a social media strategy. Experts at Chartwell Agency are here to help you. We have a team of social media gurus who can help manage your social media platforms and make recommendations on how to maximize your efforts and your budget.