Corporate Headshots are one of those business necessities. They help us put a face to a name and create the human connection. They are a key element in your brand, along with the rest of your marketing, that create the correct tone and image for your business. Yet like most other visuals, trends for corporate portraits also change with the times. Now, more than ever, our clients want to connect with people on a personal level, and what’s more personal than a picture? Let’s look at a few of what I see as the key trends changing the face of corporate headshots.

Personality is the biggest change in today’s corporate headshots. Today’s headshot should do more than just put a face to a name. It should convey your business’s image and give some insight into the individual. This humanizes your business and helps people connect with people. So you are going to need a clear idea of what your image is and how you want it to fit within your industry. If you’re a law firm, your most likely going to want to be in a suit and maintain a professional image. As opposed to a creative agency, where you can be a lot more casual. That doesn’t mean both can’t be warm and approachable though.

The next biggest change is environment. Headshots are moving further and further away from the standard gray backdrop setup where every person and business look nearly the same. Placing your headshot in an environment gives it context and personalization. Locations like an office, or the interior or exterior of their building, ground the person in the real world. It can connect them to their business and what they do.

Recently we have worked with several of our clients to update their headshots and photography libraries. Ready for Chartwell to bring your headshots and corporate image into the now?


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