Financial Industry Marketing Trend: Keep it Virtual

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Forecasting financial industry marketing and public relations trends is an important component of any communications and marketing plan. Check out some of these trends to help enhance your visibility.

Reinvent Your Public Relations Strategy

With the economy beginning to show signs of a resurgence, now is the time to reinvent your credit union or community bank public relations strategy. Why now? With more than a year of navigating the unfamiliar territories of the pandemic, we…

Want to Earn Interest in Your Financial Marketing

To feel more confident in your financial marketing and communications today, consider strategies that will help increase interest earnings in your marketing portfolio. What does that look like?

Pandemic and Politics and its Impact on Media Relations

There is no doubt, the pandemic and politics have significantly influenced American media. Turn on primetime news and read the headlines in your local newspaper. You are guaranteed to hear about the pandemic and polarized politics. But don’t…

Year-End PR Moves for Banks and Credit Unions

Don’t wait, start planning smart year-end public relations (PR) moves to enhance your brand, reach your target audience and build credibility. For community banks and credit unions (along with many other organizations and industries), digital…

The Top Tip to Best Position Your Brand Today…and Tomorrow

It’s obvious. People are spending more time online today due to the pandemic and social distancing restrictions. And the trajectory of online engagement is expected to continue. Is your brand leaning into this trend? How can you best position…

A Website Design to Better Meet TODAY’s Consumer

Right now, your marketing and communications efforts should be on your website design, content and navigation. Now more than ever, people are spending more time online. The increase in digital engagement has been driven by the pandemic and…
marketing review

A Mid-year Marketing Review

The first half of 2020 has been quite the ride! Our daily habits and lives were disrupted. We experienced uncertainty, fear and (lots of) change. Despite these challenges, we learned how to be more resilient, agile and patient. What we thought…

Public Relations Tips for the Banking Industry Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

The number of people seeking unemployment benefits has risen to more 16.8 million people according to the Department of Labor, and the numbers are expected to keep rising. Is your credit union or community bank effectively communicating the…
negative review

Respond to those negative reviews already!

In a recent survey from, 22 percent of people said the main reason they chose the bank where they have their primary checking account was because of its reputation and recommendations from family or friends. In a further survey…