Six Tips for a Great Retreat

Recently, Chartwell closed for the day for our quarterly retreat. We hold them regularly, each one with a particular focus. Instead of just looking at a retreat as a day off work as many people do, I always find myself mentally exhausted but…

Research Now to Avoid Headaches Later

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Benjamin Franklin Developing and creating a marketing campaign can be a very time-consuming and expensive process. They can be months or years in the making and can carry large budgets…

Customer Reviews: Making the Ask is Important

With the ability to shop around for everything from televisions to health care services, reviews are more important than ever. As technology continues to expand, access to information is literally at our fingertips. I have stood in front of…

Building Trust is Worth the Investment

In today’s world, trust is something that organizations are seeking to gain from their audience. For a brand, it can mean big dollars in customer engagement and loyalty. Customers who trust a brand are more likely to invest in new products,…
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Inconsistent Messaging Costs Money

If a client asked about your message, would your CEO give a similar answer as a front-line person? Not necessarily word for word but would the gist of it be the same? Would everyone at the front desk even give a similar answer? If the answer…
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Plan on Sharing Your Message in New Ways

Recently, I was asked to speak to a history class about a play I am directing. Being a history buff, I enjoy any opportunity to share stories about earlier times and the parallels that can be drawn between then and now. However, this also was…
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Top Takeaways for Winning Marketing Plays

The Super Bowl is always a hot topic here at Chartwell. Not for what did or did not happen during the game but for the commercials. We’ll save the discussion of the halftime show for another time. We all have our favorites and the ones that…
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Target Audience: Make Sure You're Hitting the Bullseye

When marketing your organization, it’s important to have a strategy for your marketing audience – both who they are and where they’re located. The best approach is to have a multi-platform strategy that reaches your target audience on…

Accountability is Key to Any Organization

Accountability is the key to the health of any organization. According to Forbes, it helps strengthen culture, ensures ownership, builds trust, sets expectations, achieves common goals and helps define the mission. Recently, I was fortunate…
Do Research Right

Avoid the Rabbit Hole and Do Research Right

Your organization wants to promote an event but has no idea where to begin. Or maybe your company is moving into a new market area or launching a new marketing campaign and you want to see what your competitors have been doing. It’s time…