Company Culture

Company Culture – Questions I Really Want to Ask

We recently attended Counselor’s Academy,  a fantastic conference sponsored by PRSA which was jam-packed with valuable information for agency owners and leaders. It was an opportunity to connect with others who, like Chartwell Agency, are…

Corporate Activism in Marketing – Civic Responsibility or Big Gamble?

There’s no doubt that brands today leverage an amazing amount of power. Their willingness to spend big dollars for the opportunity to present the public with their messages means they eat up a lot of our impression bandwidth. We click on…

Repurposing Content – Working Smarter, Not Harder, for your Content Strategy

Writing good content is a lot like making Thanksgiving dinner. It’s a lot of effort to prepare a good content “meal.” Then, just like that, it’s consumed by your guests in record time. Oh, and they’ll be hungry for more before you…
trade shows

The Tradeoff on Trade Shows – How to Make Industry Events a Driver for Your Organization

Chartwell just returned from the 2018 Tri-State Healthcare Marketing and PR Conference (where we were also speakers) and we’re getting ready to head to the Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development (SHSMD) 2018 Conference in…
Planning your news conference from beginning to end.

Not “Fake News and White Lies” – Good PR Might Be Our Best Hope

In an era of fake news and white lies, the last thing people might think of to right the ship is good public relations. Often synonymous with “spin,” PR has gotten a bad rap. Olivia Pope’s sometimes questionable approach – and even more…

Join Us for a Free Healthcare-Specific Webinar: Are Your Communications Integrated?

With audiences inundated with information in the news, in print and social media, it can be difficult to rise above the noise to ensure the right messages are being heard and seen. Make sure to join us as Emily Hartzog talks about the importance…

Integrating Your Marketing and Fundraising Team’s Efforts

Chartwell Agency was recently invited to present two sessions at a conference for non-profit  fundraising professionals coordinated by the Northern Illinois Center of Non-Profit Excellence (NICNE). Our session, titles “Integrating the Efforts…
You are Your Own Brand

Shaping a personal brand.

Branding is the art of shaping a perception – helping others think, know and feel something. We’re used to associating brands with companies, but the importance of personal branding is a relatively new concept. While big names like Oprah…
Ladies who crunch? – How Doritos might have gotten it wrong.
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Ladies who crunch? – How Doritos might have gotten it wrong.

In a recent interview with Freakonomics, Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo, shared some of the company’s thoughts on gender differences in the snack food industry. Specifically, she teased some of the innovations coming from Doritos. Nooyi explains…