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Tell Patient Stories in Your Healthcare Marketing

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Storytelling is powerful in any type of marketing and sharing stories in healthcare marketing will strengthen your visibility and reputation. Sharing stories and testimonials from patients* or family members – or friends of patients – can…

Content is NOT One and Done: Leveraging Marketing Content

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We all know people get their information in many ways, so when you develop a piece of content whether it’s a blog, customer story, white paper or something else, it’s important to use multiple outlets to share the information with your…

Healthcare Marketing Plans: Five Essentials

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While healthcare marketing is unique and can be challenging, the key strategies organizations should consider in their healthcare marketing plans are much like other industries and there are several basics that all healthcare organizations…
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A Few of My Favorite Things About a Career in Marketing

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A career in marketing is fun and exciting. Each day brings a new project, interaction, and challenge. In the spirit of the season, I am sharing a few of my favorite things about working in the marketing field.   Seeing Your Ideas Come…

Public Relations Myths and the Real Strategies Behind Them

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https://youtu.be/Br2t5KTwXJ8 When I started at Chartwell Agency, I had no experience working for a public relations and marketing agency. My knowledge of public relations came from television with limited exposure at work. This created…

Dress Up Your Marketing Strategy for Halloween

Well, it wouldn’t be October if I didn’t write a Halloween themed blog. I had such a sweet time writing “If Your Marketing Strategies Were Halloween Candy,” and a killer time drafting, “Is Your Marketing Plan Straight Out of a Horror…

Get Social: Tips for a Successful Social Media Strategy

According to HubSpot’s annual, State of Marketing Report 2021, “the No. 1 way companies are approaching marketing is social media, suggesting that personalized marketing and conversational marketing is the preferred approach.” And according…

Six Telehealth Marketing Tips

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Over the last year healthcare organizations have had to either fast track a telehealth strategy and implementation or enhance an existing offering to continue to offer services in a safe manner and continue to meet the needs of patients. As…

It’s Showtime: Short-Format Video Pointers

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As video consumption increases, check out these pointers from Karli Smith to help you get started creating your own videos.
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Patient Experience Remains a Priority in Healthcare

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Providing exceptional patient experience is critical in today’s healthcare market. Not only does a great experience provide value to the patient and their family, but it results in better health outcomes. Leading healthcare organizations…