YouTube: Top 3 Reasons It Should Be Part of Your Digital Strategy

With more people consuming video than ever, now is a great time to consider adding it your marketing strategy. Find out how video marketing can increase your visibility and help your audiences find you.

Cooking Up Successful Marketing

One of the many things close friends and family know about me is that I love to cook and bake. A lot. I spend many of my weekends planning what to make for the week ahead for my family. When life is normal, one of my most favorites things to do is host dinner parties.

It’s Our First Vlog!

Welcome to 2021 and congratulations on making it through 2020. If we haven’t said it lately, thank you for taking time to visit our website and check out our blog. Hello to all the new visitors out there. If you’ve been here before, this particular blog might look a little different (spoiler – it’s the video).

Tips for Healthcare Marketers in 2021

Healthcare marketers today have a lot on their plates.  From updating COVID communications to promoting that new physician, and redesigning ad campaigns to managing social platforms, healthcare marketers find themselves pulled in multiple…

Don’t Spread Your Marketing Message Too Thin

It’s a not-so-often-heard-of idiom called the “Raspberry Jam Rule”: The wider you spread it, the thinner it gets. This particularly applies to marketing in that the broader the audience you attempt to reach, the weaker the impact. When…

Humor in Pandemic Marketing? Consumers Look for a Lighter Side

Nothing is funny about the pandemic. Numbers escalated, we stayed home. We all became employee/teacher/chef/sanitation engineers - simultaneously. Then glimmers of hope, small returns to normalcy before escalating numbers crept up again and…

Commercials That Connect Still Need Action

The best commercials spark conversation, and there’s a series of TV ads that still make me smile each time I see them and keep coming up in conversation with friends and family. Those would be the “Dr. Rick” commercials for Progressive…

5 Common Healthcare Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Healthcare marketing, like the healthcare industry itself, can be challenging and complicated. With intense competition, changing consumer behaviors, and online sources becoming the norm for individuals looking for healthcare, it’s a difficult…

Let Your Differentiator Shine

One of my colleagues recently made a comment that people don’t think they’re creative because they can’t do graphic design, while forgetting that creativity doesn’t fit into one box or another. You’re not any less creative because…

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