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The Benefits of Blogging and Answering: Should My Company Blog?

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We often get asked: is it really beneficial for my company to have a blog? Or, we are so busy, do we actually have time to blog? The answer to both of those questions is a resounding – shout it from the mountaintops – YES! I mean, after…

Making an Impact in the New Normal of Public Relations

As most public relations professionals know, there have been incredible changes with media in just the past few years forcing even the most experienced marketing experts to learn a new normal in pitching and securing stories. Traditional…

Storytelling is Vital for Economic Development Organizations

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Economic development is the lifeblood to a region’s vitality and storytelling often gets a bad rap as “soft” marketing versus the more aggressive approach many ED organizations are known for overall. From chambers of commerce, economic…

Celebrating 20 Years of Storytelling

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In 2022, Chartwell Agency will be celebrating its 20th year in business. It didn’t dawn on me until a team member mentioned it to me recently. How could that be? Didn’t I just establish PR Etc. – the precursor to our 2014 rebrand to Chartwell Agency – out of my home (at a time when working from home looked nothing like it does now)?

The ABC’s of School Branding Efforts that Make the Grade

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https://youtu.be/QnYLfCzkSK0 Public schools, private schools, community colleges, and statewide universities all have one major objective in common: attracting students and increasing enrollment. But that’s where their similarities end.…

Graduate to Better School Marketing to Grow Your Organization’s Enrollment

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As schools focus on enrollment, here are four simple guidelines to improve your school marketing and grow your organization's enrollment.

Polish your Marketing in Spring-Cleaning Efforts

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Every year around this time in the Midwest, I’m reminded that good things come to those who wait. And I’ve been waiting (somewhat patiently) for spring. It is arriving with green buds on trees, flowers poking through a brown ground, and…

Cooking Up Successful Marketing

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One of the many things close friends and family know about me is that I love to cook and bake. A lot. I spend many of my weekends planning what to make for the week ahead for my family. When life is normal, one of my most favorites things to do is host dinner parties.

Begin with the End in Mind (or – How the Heck Do I Plan for 2021?)

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Each year around this time, individuals from all levels of an organization gather to discuss the goals and budgets for the year ahead. For many who hunkered down to do this last fall, it’s almost laughable to think how the significant…

Don’t Spread Your Marketing Message Too Thin

It’s a not-so-often-heard-of idiom called the “Raspberry Jam Rule”: The wider you spread it, the thinner it gets. This particularly applies to marketing in that the broader the audience you attempt to reach, the weaker the impact. When…