It’s obvious. People are spending more time online today due to the pandemic and social distancing restrictions. And the trajectory of online engagement is expected to continue. Is your brand leaning into this trend? How can you best position your brand to ensure it’s being seen by your customers, while also being a thought leader in your industry? It’s called public relations, my friend.

Public relations (PR) is considered an earned opportunity for your brand. It involves no-cost visibility via media and public relations strategies – and is one of the top ways to enhance your online presence.

If your customers are spending more time online, target PR opportunities that will land you on credible third-party websites. Why? Because when your brand is being presented by objective third parties, such as a media outlet, it will help to improve your credibility; significantly impact consumer awareness and perceptions; and have the potential to enhance search engine optimization. How? Start (or enhance) a public relations campaign. To get started, consider the following:

  • Know industry and consumer trends so you remain relevant and stay ahead of the curve. This will give your PR campaign an edge, make it worthwhile and more successful. The pandemic is still a hot topic, so ensure you continue to monitor its effects on your industry and the nation in general.
  • Know your role. Don’t be everything to everyone. Help position your brand as a leader in your industry – and to your customers – by sticking to what you know best. And always be consistent in your messaging (ensure it’s on point with your brand values).
  • Know your options. Some of the best PR options to enhance your online presence include media relations and thought leadership.
    • Media relations includes building relationships with reporters, so you can become a go-to source for them. But you shouldn’t always wait for the call. Pitch story ideas to earn press coverage for your brand – and improve your credibility and enhance brand awareness.
    • Thought leadership includes myriad activities, but speaking engagements are essential to increasing your online presence. Consider targeting and connecting with media outlets and organizations that resonate with your customers. Research topics they cover and pitch for speaking opportunities such as podcasts, webinars, panel discussions, interviews and more. A bonus of online speaking engagements is most can be viewed on-demand, giving you even more “airtime.”

As we continue the trajectory of increased online engagement, you must act today to better position your brand for tomorrow. A strong public relations campaign can help you get there. If you need help, contact Chartwell Agency. From regional to national in scope, we have decades of experience in media and public relations.