Tips for Making Your First Vlog

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The time has finally come. The hour is upon us. My first vlog has commenced. Well… first solo vlog. 

If you’re anything like me, you dread being in front of the camera. I’ve spent much of my personal life avoiding them unless threatened by a relative. My poor mom has only a handful of decent photos of me. My professional life is different though, and so might yours. It’s important for us to be out and in front of our clients and audience. We get to connect and have a little coffee talk and share some valuable insight and information. Not all of us are born public speakers and comfortable in front of the camera though. I knew I needed a plan with some tools to approach this, so that I felt comfortable. So, I’m sharing some tools and tips that I thought would be a great first topic to start off with when getting in front of the camera.


  1. PLAN AHEAD. You don’t necessarily have to script out your entire vlog, unless that’s helpful to you and your topic. I certainly don’t want to memorize an entire script. A simple outline may be all you need to keep on track. Know how you want to start, the points you want get convey, the main take away for your audience, how you want to end, and if there is any call to action. I do think talking about something you know and have a point of view on will help immensely in flow and comfort. 
  1. DON’T PANIC. (KEEP GOING.) Nothing’s perfect and you’re most likely not going to get through all you have to say in one take or without any mistakes. BUT, we make mistakes in real life. So, unless it’s a real snafus, I say embrace those small things that make us human. Those moments of imperfection are what  endear and connect us to other people 
  1. (THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP!) BE YOURSELF. I truly believe this is the most important factor in having authentic engagement. People like to connect with people. So, introduce yourself to your audience. Show them around your dwellings if you like. Relax and have fun.

I’m sure I’m not going to get this right the first time and will likely cringe at seeing myself on screen, but I’m also interested in seeing how my vlogging evolves over time. Then maybe, I can go back and have a good laugh at my first time. 

I’m hoping these tips can help you if you are considering starting a vlog. We here at Chartwell love to help clients succeed. So, if you’re considering starting a vlog or other new marketing endeavors, reach out to us and let us help guide the way.