What do conferences lead to? Think beyond the leads


Conferences are expensive and require time away, that’s without a doubt. You also need to maximize the return on your dollar. So, if you’re going to spend time and money away, you’d best come back with some potential new business. However, with that singular objective of new business, you are discounting all the other benefits of attending an actual live event. The interaction with peers and experts, and the experience of getting out from behind your desk to engage in your field is priceless.

Below are the top four reasons I think conferences are so important to the ongoing development of an employee and a business, and what they can lead to.

Inspiration/New ideas:

We live and work in environments where it is really easy to explore and get ideas. So much information is at our fingertips. The problem is that they tend to be the same resources over and over again. Attending a conference breaks you out of your resource routine and exposes you to new ways of finding inspiration.

Energize with like-minded people:

There is nothing like engaging and sharing with a group of like-minded people. You inspire and motivate each other with the exchange of ideas and passion for your field. You also are able to understand each other’s challenges and offer advice and guidance. It can be rejuvenating to be with your people.

Learning new tips and tricks:

I love this part of a conference. We sometimes get so stuck in our own ways we stop evolving our methods. We can also get so focused on day to day tasks that it’s hard to look at what’s on the horizon. A conference is the perfect place to break from routine and see some new ways of doing old things and the new things that are replacing the old. This is the kind of exciting information you can bring back and share with your team.

Recharged investment:

Even the things we love can become routine. Attending a conference is the perfect shake up of that routine and can recharge your love for what you do. You’re making an investment in you and your company.

There is some much to gain personally and professionally from attending a live conference. And who knows …maybe even a lead.

Chartwell lends its voice of expertise to trade shows and conferences across the country and also often helps organizations prep their marketing collateral and their people to make the most out of their experience.