Social Media Snack: How to Know When Your Facebook Posts Need a Little (or Big) Boost, Pt. 2

We know you’re always hungry for more tips and tricks to improving your social media presence, which is why the Chartwell team is returning for another Social Media Snack. Social media is an enormous asset to your brand, and we hope this advice helps you improve your online presence and develop an expertise.
In our first snack, we talked about how you can find out when your audience is on Facebook, and why you should be posting then to meet them, therefore maximizing your performance. Hungry for more? Our second snack explored how to optimize organic reach and shared how to strategically post without paying to show up on Facebook feeds.

But what happens when you need a little more help reaching people? Following is some additional insight to elevate your social media presence.

Boost a Facebook Post

A boosted post on your Facebook page allows you to better reach the audience you’re trying to target by putting money toward the post. When you choose to boost a post, you can specify who you want to reach, set your maximum budget (starting as low as $10), and schedule how long you want the ad to run. Keep in mind, a boosted post is different than an ad made through Facebook Ad Manager. More on that later!

A boosted post is a totally customizable solution that could help give your post the “umph” (boost!) it needs to reach more people.

Here is some advice if you’re planning on boosting a post:

  • Boost a post that is already showing high engagement. More likes, comments, and shares will multiply when you choose to boost it.
  • Boost a post that is relevant to your overall goal. That could include a post intended to enhance brand messaging, garner more followers, or react to a specific call to action.

A boosted post is quick and easy. But if you’re looking for a more long-term campaign to further your reach and increase engagement, we might recommend running a targeted Facebook ad campaign.

Run a Facebook Ad Campaign

Say you have a new marketing initiative that needs to make a giant splash. Your goal might be to attract a bigger audience or gain more clicks. In either case, we might recommend you run a targeted ad campaign.

Different from a boosted post, Facebook ad campaigns give you more control and advanced customization. For example, you can:

  • Choose where your ad is placed, including in newsfeed sidebars, messenger ads, and stories. Carousel ads, specific ad descriptions, and calls to action also are features available through Facebook Ad Manager, which is a platform Facebook uses to create and monitor ad campaigns
  • Use advance targeting that allows you to overlap audiences and dive even deeper into demographics.
  • Select how you want people to respond, like download an app, visit your website, watch a video, order a product and more.

At Chartwell, we can coach you in optimizing your organic reach, but also recommend boosting posts and developing ad campaigns that are important to your brand and mission, while keeping the bottom line in mind.